Thursday, January 9, 2014

Neelesh Gajanan Inamdar

Meet Neelesh Gajanan Inamdar

A qualified Chemical engineer, worked as a director and executive producer for a few films and hit TV serials before shifting base to the United Arab Emirates. Was an avid reader since age 8 and has read a lot from Dickens to Kiran Desai, from Mills & Boon/Harlequin to The Old Man and the Sea/The Story of My Experiments with Truth (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi). Likes to read anything from books to blogs to technical manuals to whatever paper the bhel-puri is packed in. B I G fan of William Somerset Maugham, Ernest Hemingway.  Fav books: The God of Small Things, David Copperfield, A Tale of Two Cities, Anna Karenina, A Farewell To Arms, We The Living.

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